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5 days from when you finish signing your disclosures is the time point when, if you cancel your contract, you lose your earnest money. Okay.

3 days after initially signing a few disclosures, we go into the office to finishing signed the disclosures because 3 days prior there were computer issues. At this meeting we were notified that ryland homes was buying out calatlantic. I went home and talked it over with the spouse.

3 days later 6 days after initially walking in the office, and 3 days after finishing signing the remainder of disclosures and being told that ryland was buying out calatlantic, we cancelled our contract...mainly because of the latter, but it doesn't matter as it was still w/in 5 days of signing disclosures...3 days to be exact. We did not get any money back.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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