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The yard was never overseen by the builder Matt. He has an "I don't care attitude" it makes it difficult to talk with him.

Let alone getting the truth from him. Neighbors had complained to me so much about the builder, Matt Wright. How he didn't care about they're grievances either. Our yard at least 16 feet to the edge of the property always has standing water after it rains or using the irrigation system.

There's no where for the water to go. There needs to be a way for the water to drain to the drainage that's at least 40 to 50 feet away. Matt swore he would fix it. Even told us not to put up a fence yet until he fixes it.

It's been 3 months and no repair. We have been beyond patient. I sent a service request with a pic and the request was ignored. Then Matt told me once more that he will fix it.

Then another request was sent and after I wasn't going to play Matts game, someone supposedly is coming at some point to look at it. We requested that we didn't want to have anymore dealings with Matt. When you look at me and Lie, I'm done. Then he laughs about it.

Very unprofessional. He also was suppose to look at a sprinkler head that wasn't and isn't working properly. He walked over when I was inside but he never looked at the sprinkler. He stood around with his coworker looking at a fence install instead of looking at the sprinkler.

He acts like he's on something. You can't ask him a question he doesn't give a crap. He has unusual behavior like he's having withdrawal symptoms of some kind. He talks about us to other people which only shows a spineless twit of a man to do that.

I mean who goes around and talks about residents? I don't even go around talking bad about him to neighbors. And if you ever hear that the builder built your home. That's BS.

The workers build the homes. The Mexicans who don't get ANY credit for the job that they do. Cal Atlantic should give credit where credit is due. The builder rides around in his truck lying to people or sits in his trailer coming up with BS to say about someone.

Also, we were outside one day and our neighbor saw Matt and yelled for him and Matt ignored him.

There you go, that's customer service for you. Thank goodness Matt (the builder) won't be lying to us anymore or treating us like he does everyone else.

Review about: Calatlantic Homes House Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Lack of communication, Customer service.

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Geez, I really thought they sent Matt to rehab these past few days or maybe fired him. Our neighborhood has been so quiet and nice without him around.

Unfortunately he came back today. I would be more than happy to give him a one way ticket to Russia. Every time I see him I start to feel psychotic and my eyes start burning, from all of his lies that I’m reminded of. I wish he would leave again and stay gone!

Every time I’m outside on my own property and Matt see’s me; he claims that I’m outside for him. And he tells the neighbors that...OMGOSH dude. Give me a break you *** Baboon! He is a childish hog!

While my lawn is drowning that he was suppose to have fixed. He’s conjuring up more stupidity for the neighbors.

to Headache #1379047

LMAO You and this matt should be locked up in room together. Baboons?



After reviewing some recent photos from the last rain we had and seeing our backyard; I wish Matt’s head was on a platter. No one should have to live with soggy ground for weeks on end.

Calatlantic should send Matt and his lies back to Utah. I’m having our crape myrtle tree moved and replanted due to the constant soggy ground. Matt explains it as, “crape myrtles can handle a lot”; as I voiced my concern. I don’t think any moron could come up with a more lame comment, such as this.

Amazing how he cares so much! They must lie a lot in Utah. This is the south.

People don’t like being lied to. Especially when there’s a legitimate growing concern.


I don’t understand why they have to lie. After reading the complaints of recent, its all starting to give me cramps, just like matt does when I have to look at him.

OMGosh that man has gone crazy telling everyone who will listen, that he built all of this. I hope he realizes that there’s a crooked porch on a new build, but yet he’s built all of this. All of these homes are his handy work! That is a bunch of bull.

Matt never has a tool in his hand and his hands are never dirty. He struts around here like he’s Brad Pitt getting on my nerves and lying to everyone.

The two yards that were newly sodded floods also. And Matt’s theory on sodding a yard to remedy standing water isn’t working.


It’s been over 16 hours and the sprinkler is still in the same spot and still going. This is definitely not ‘team work’ of any kind. They simply don’t care!!


There’s this house behind me who is suppose to close at the end of the week. The Mexicanos showed up to lay the sod.

Oh my good gracious!!!! They would grab the sod and run to place it down. I mean literally RUN. I did a double take, I couldn’t believe this is how they were laying it.

The sod is black with yellow. They didn’t even finish laying it. It looks like they ran out. There are two sprinklers going that have been in the same spot for 3 hours.

One sprinkler is shooting straight up in the air and then it shoots on the ground like it fell over. There is no one insight they all left. This is the crap that Calatlantic hires to do their lawns. I would be extremely embarrassed if I were the CEO of Calatlantic.

The builders don’t care and the Mexican chinchittas don’t care.

Who the *** installs black & yellow sod. I need my lavender!


I honestly don't think Cal Atlantic associates are crooks. I mainly don't like being lied to or played with by two men who can't get they're act together.

I feel that my patience level has been above and beyond, since we are heading towards four months of waiting. I don't like lashing out about issues that could have been resolved or explained, as to fixing it. And I don't like calling out MW for his behavior towards me. When you lie to me, make excuses and play me for a fool I have a problem with taking that lightly.

So go ahead and keep talking about me to the neighbors; real professional and mature of you...

It's apparent that you can't come to me directly but you sure can fire some missiles as long as you are standing behind someone or have someone to stand beside you. Crazy!


No Smitty, I think it's spelled out perfectly by the writer. SMH.

I know what you mean about 'standing water' my yard does the same thing.


Their warranty department and company are crooks.


Despite the validity of any or all of your claims, you have failed to document anything regarding any of them.

Your complaint reads like a melodrama of "he said - she said - we said" and doesn't prove to me that any of you are serious about any of this and just want to whine.

Why did you not establish a proper and legally admissible paper trail from the beginning ?

Correspondence and communication should not have been yelling at some guy from across the street but in the form of a properly prepared letter of complaint stating the nature of the issues, remedies attempted, cost of potential reparation or, if you have paid already, restitution of that portion.

All correspondence should have been in writing, properly stated, and sent via Certified Mail, return receipt requested.

This establishes a legally verifiable timeline.

No more calls, text messages, e-mails, yelling out names. Do it right.

to Smitty #1371885

Smitty, did u not read what he wrote? He said he took pictures and emailed in a service request. Multiple times.

to Kate Mc #1371886

That should be adequate. One shouldn't have to draw up a legal letter and have it mailed via certified mail. That = poor customer service just as the man was saying.

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